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Lotteries versus Online Gambling


It has been said that it is easier to hit the state lottery than get an ascending royal flush. This would basically mean that from a strictly mathematical point of view the odds of winning at the state lottery are higher than hitting the jackpot in gambling  games. Then how come that more people win in online gambling games than at state lottery? Is lottery actually safer and more secure than online gambling?

First of all, let us not forget that lottery is a form of gambling just as online gambling games. It implies giving your money on a few numbers that should come out in a lucky draw. Your winning is based on your bet as well as on the total amount of bets of all the rest of the gamblers. This seems to be quite similar to the online progressive jackpot. The main difference between the two is that lottery is making use of the media - TV commercials, newspaper ads and so on, whereas online gambling is making use of the internet. This difference in itself makes the two gambling games very different from the point of view of the number of people they reach, their promptness, their accessibility, the possibility of contact and so on. These differences may mean advantages to some or disadvantages to others.

Another difference between the two, at this time at the expense of lottery games as far as I am concerned, is the difference between strictly chance on the one hand and the advantage of skill and experience that can manipulate lady luck on the other. Whereas lottery is based on chance, in online gambling skill and experience says its word. This makes online gambling interactive and fun. In comparison with this, lottery may seem a very dull game to play that may mean fun only it gives your millionaire uncle a heart attack and you are the only heir.

The most important issue, however, is the winning and payment. With slight chances of winning, in lottery you are most probably a loser, whereas online gambling offers you multiple ways of winning - if you do not win the game you still have the chance to win additional bonuses. Once you have won, you may immediately claim your money and get the exact amount you have won. In lottery, you do not actually get the amount you have won - except if you are willing to wait 20 years to get it. If you want your winning now, you will have to content yourself with much less. So, when you think of taking part in any gambling game, be it lottery or online gambling
, be sure that you read the rules and policies beforehand.


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Experts disagree on when and where exactly lotteries first surfaced during the course of human civilization, but for one they all agree that there was already some form of lottery in place in Caesar's time in Rome around 100-44 B.C.

Since then, lottery has been used for funding different public-interest projects all over the world. The Hun dynasty in China used it for funding defense-related issues, amongst which the construction of the Great Wall, in Europe chapels were built on lottery funds, Benjamin Franklin used lottery to finance cannons for the Revolutionary War, and the list could go on to present day state-run lotteries that are an important source of income for the state budget.

Lottery , is, basically a game of luck in which skill plays no part whatsoever, and as such it could be considered gambling.Through all the good that stemmed from it though, through history, it's usually seen as free from the factors that make gambling in the eyes of most people sinful.One might as well say it's a milder form of gambling.

Nowadays Lottery is pretty much of a global phenomenon. State run lotteries attract huge crowds, because of the fact that people find them trustworthy and because of the safe gambling rush they provide for the masses.

A lottery player usually experiences a rollercoaster of feelings while playing the lottery. First it's the expectative rush they get when they pick the numbers and await the draw. Then, after the draw, they feel down and upset for a while till the next round of the lottery comes around and they can experience the whole thing over again. It's all an adrenaline rush - the same kind that compulsive gamblers find so addictive.

Statistically speaking the chances of someone winning the big prize on the state lottery are rather minor. The odds are overwhelmingly against the player, however the adrenaline-rush , and the " I know chances are almost nil, but what if?" keep bringing players back time and again.

As far as strategy goes, - in my humble opinion - there isn't a reasonable one for lottery. There are different number combinations sold, in which you can statistically up the odds by paying more for the raffle ticket and picking more numbers, but other than this there's not much one can do to increase the odds.

It all comes down to blind chance thus the player who buys one regular ticket can just as well hit the jackpot as the one buying hundreds of special combination ones.

Lottery is not limited however to state lotteries. One can find it anywhere, casinos, Online Casinos, all sorts of social events, it's pretty much become part of every day existance.It is a safe and enjoyable form of gambling that everyone can relate to.











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