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The methods discussed in this book may not work out hundred per cent of the time, but they should increase the chance of hitting the numbers by aiming certain range of numbers and ignoring the other groups, which have a lower possibility of being hit. 

Below are the simple strategies recommended to start you off. 

Before the drawing, prepare for yourself all the necessary data as shown in Chapter 1 to Chapter 3. 

Starting from Chapter 2, mark all the numbers in the preceding 9 results, 8 results down to 3 results in each different groups. From here, you list all the numbers that already appeared 2 and 3 times in these groups. For instance, there could be a few three-times numbers, and you expect them to appear a fourth time. Pick one of them or the most two of them. Now go back to Chapter 1 to see whether the selected numbers are likely to shape the formations that you think are possible. If it is unlikely, drop that number and pick another three-times numbers. Or you may work on numbers appeared twice (concentrating mainly on preceding 6 results in a group) and do the same as above in Chapter 1. 

Or starting from Chapter 1, you may target certain range of numbers to come up. Letís say you feel numbers in the 10 Ė 19 range have a higher chance of repeating and of shaping the formations that you think are possible. Concentrate on this range of numbers within the preceding 4 draw results and you will notice only a few numbers left for you to choose. Then go back to Chapter 2, check to see if these numbers have already appeared 2 or 3 times. If they have, this could further increase the odds. 

Chapter 3 will let you know roughly how many numbers could come up in the next drawing. The whole idea is to have your targeted numbers worked out for the next drawing rather than taking a blank shot at choosing the winners. 

Good luck to you all !











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